Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV on the Subway

Mindless Entertainment for your Mindless Commute - Somebody took a candid picture of me one day while riding the subway. I looked like a zombie. I'm a pretty happy person by default, but apparently I shut down into hibernation mode on the train. Which makes sense. I just zone out for 30 minutes until I switch to the local. It's probably the same look that people have when they zone out in front of the tv for 4 hours a day. So it makes sense that they would put tv's on the subway. And I think it's great. I don't even have tv in my house (I watch everything on Hulu), so seeing baseball highlights would be great. And why are other articles I read so upset? Do they hate baseball? Only terrorists hate baseball. The tv's don't even affect commuters. They're on the Shuttle. What actual New Yorker EVER rides the shuttle? If you really need to get to Times Square (or if Gawker really wants to avoid the tv's), take the 7, it's so much faster.

And seriously, if putting tv's on subways keeps the fare at $89, I'm in. Even when it goes systemwide.

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