Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday - Free NYC Events

Woohoo! It's Saturday!! And you don't have to fix anything in the house because you live in an apartment! And that's what Supers are for. So fill your day with some of these:

Free Yoga!! - Lululemon Athletica - It's hard to find weekly free yoga in the City. Sure, they'll do special events like Flavorpill's Great Lawn yoga class with 13k participants (thanks for the free mat, JetBlue), but for people that like to stretch and find their center on a more regular basis, you've got to pay. Or get a wii. But not any more! Lululemon in Union Square offers free "Sunshine Yoga" classes every Saturday morning at 9am (check here to make sure, sometimes they skip a week). The class lasts an hour. Bring your own stuff. They also do free yoga in Bryant Park every Tuesday and Thursday from May through September, weather permitting. AND if you want to get in on their free fitness class, that's Sunday mornings at 10. Go Lululemon! Way to help make NYC not fat. 15 Union Square West, b/t 14th and 15th. 212-675-5286

Pick Flowers for Your Lover - NY Botanical Garden - Actually, don't pick these flowers. They'll probably throw you out. But if you do get thrown out it's ok because you got in free! This is one of the largest botanical gardens in the country and it's all yours for free if you get there between 10am and noon. If you can't make it today, Wednesdays are free all day too. Bedford Park Blvd at Kazimiroff Blvd. 718-817-8700

Get Drunk - Chelsea Brewing Company - This is the only active brewery in Manhattan, and they give free tours every SaTOURday (get it? they're so clever) from 2 to 6pm every hour on the hour. They can fit 40 people to a tour, so get there early and enjoy the view (awesome!) after you put your name in. The tour is ridiculously informative. Afterward you'll have all the knowledge you need to go make your own beer. They give you a taste after the tour and then discounts for pints. I've heard the restaurant and bar aren't all that great, so get your food elsewhere. Pier 59, Chelsea Piers. 212-336-6440

Free Movies!! - Sony Wonder - Poor Sonic would lose every time against Mario, but Sony Wonder beats the Nintendo Store for sure. Well, at least on Saturdays. At 2pm, enjoy a free screening of decently popular movies in their (73-seat) High Def Theater. Call before you go to make sure you can get a ticket. You can reserve yours any time from Monday up until showtime. Sony Plaza, 56th b/t Madison and Lex. 212-833-7858

Guys! Jesus was Jewish - Jewish Museum - If you're wandering up Museum Mile, stop in here on Saturday. It's free all day (11am to 5:45pm), but you can't buy anything at the gift shop because that part is closed (you know, it being the sabbath and all). They're known for their special exhibits; their permanent collection is meh. I don't know. I was blown away by the Jewish Museum in Berlin, so this one just doesn't do it for me. But if you can't get to Berlin, go here. 5th Ave at 92nd St. 212-423-3200

Act Your Shoe Size, Not Your Age - Brooklyn Children's Museum - This was the first children's museum in the world. And it's still the best. It's interactive and engages your kids, from toddlers to teenagers. Even adults like it. Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes for the kids because they'll definitely be playing in the water section. The museum is free from 2 to 5pm on the 2nd and 4th full weekends (and 5 to 7:30pm on the third Thursday of the month, too). 145 Brooklyn Ave at St. Marks Ave. 718-735-4400

Aloha on the Hudson - New York Outriggers - I'm not even gonna ask if you've done this because you haven't. You may have been on a rowboat in Central Park or kayaked around in circles (see the next thing on this list) but Outrigger Canoes are a whole new ball game. This Hawaiian/Polynesian boat is a team sport (which also means you have to sign up in advance) and ridiculously fun. It's free for beginners. They do three classes on Saturday morning; first one starts at 10:30. Check their site for times and for info on how to sign up. Open late Spring to early Fall. Pier 66 (26th St, just north of Chelsea Piers). 973-632-7764

Anyone can Kayak - Downtown Boathouse - If you know how to swim (and if you don't yet, you can learn how to swim for free too) then they'll let you take out a Kayak from any of three Hudson River locations. You get it for 20 minutes and you have to stay within the protected area so you don't get eaten by the Beast, but it's fun to paddle around for a while and splash your friends. Times vary by location, so check the website for specifics, but usually it's about 9 to 5 every weekend. Various locations. No Phone. Email:

So Good it's Got 3 G's - The Guggenheim - It's got a decent collection of impressionist, modern, and contemporary art. Nothing really famous like the MET or the MoMA, but still some good stuff. But let's be honest, you're not going there for the art, are you? Go to take a picture of the building. It's Frank Lloyd Wright in his prime. Saturday's are pay-what-you-wish from 5:15 to 7:45pm. 1071 5th Ave at 88th St. 212-423-3500

Do you know of something else that should be on this list? Leave it in the comments and I'll check it out and add it.

And if you think those are all pretty lame, check out these other NYC free events available every day!

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