Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday - Free NYC Events

It's Sunday! And you don't have anything to do? Go to church, you heathen. And since you shouldn't spend money on Sunday, here's a list of free things to do:

You Wish You Were Tarzan - Alley Pond Park Adventure Course - This. Place. Is. Awesome! High-ropes, low-ropes, a zip-line, a bouldering wall, cargo nets, the whole works. It's the City's largest challenge course and one of the best in the nation. If you've never done a high-ropes course, they're really fun. Conquer your fear of heights, trust random strangers to catch you (or at least break your fall), and problem solve to figure out a way to get your team through all the obstacles in the course. They do two first-come-first-served groups for free on Sunday. One at 10am and the other at 1:30pm. Get there early to ensure your spot. The only bad part about this place is that it's stupidly hard to get to if you don't have a car (Stupid Queens). Get directions here. Middle of Nowhere. 718-217-4685

Sometimes Queens is Cool - New York Hall of Science - Flushing hasn't been cool since 1964 and the 2 weeks of the US Open don't make up for the Mets. But this place is actually worth getting on the 7 train for. Tons of interactive exhibits, including a sports section. (How fast can you throw a baseball? Can you return a 120mph tennis serve? Who would win in a drag race between you and your friends?) This place has everything; it's highly educational and tons of fun for kids and adults. It's open year round, but it's free Sundays from 10 to 11am (and Fridays from 2 to 5pm) from September to June only (during the school year). 47-01 111th St, Queens. 718-699-0005

It's just like Lincoln Center, only free - NYPL for the Performing Arts - Every Sunday, check out the Cullman Center (in Lincoln Center) to treat your ears to a little respite from the cacophony of the City streets (that's an SAT sentence if I ever heard one). Sometimes chamber music, sometimes classical, maybe a little opera sprinkled in there, but it always goes down easy. :) Concerts usually start at 2:30, but sometimes 1:30, so check the schedule before you head out. Cullman Center, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza (it's toward the back). (917) 275-6975

Get Not Fat - Lululemon Athletica - Every Sunday morning at 10am, Lululemon in Union Square offers a free fitness class to kick your butt into shape. The classes range from Boogie Boxing (kick boxing + hip hop = boogie box) to Zumba (I don't know either, but I swear I copied that right). Check the schedule to find out what you're in for today. So when you're done reading this post, don't facebook, don't youtube, get off your couch and get skinny. 15 Union Square West, b/t 14th and 15th. 212-675-5286

Classic Brooklyn - Brooklyn Public Library - What better way to unwind on your Sunday afternoon than sitting back and listening to free live classical music? These concerts run from October to May (check the schedule to make sure - sometimes they skip a week) and they get some of the best performers around. And the theatre feels like a high school auditorium, and that just makes me smile. :) Dweck Center, Brooklyn Public Library on Grand Army Plaza. 718-230-2100

Yup. More Classical Music - Roerich Museum - Roerich is a russian artist that also dabbled in science and spirituality. It's a really random museum (and helps if you speak Russian, everyone I've spoken to has a thick accent) and if you feel like visiting, it's free (well, by donation). But what actually matters is that Roerich felt arts and culture were paramount to attaining peace, so they offer free shows every Sunday (from October-ish to April). Concerts start at 5pm and last about 90 minutes, so if you're up by Morningside Heights, check it out. 319 West 107th St, b/t B'way and Riverside Dr. 212-864-7752

What the Frick? - Frick Collection - This is one of the coolest small art museums in the City. The whole thing is just some guy's house (Mr. Frick, probably) and the art inside is stuff that he bought. And then after he died they added a little to it and turned it into a museum. Some day I hope my house is cool enough that people will pay to come in and see it. As for now, people would pay to not come to my house (you know, they're scared of the Bronx). Whatever. So check out this collection. The house alone is worth the visit. The art, furniture, and sculptures make it amazing. And it's pay-what-you-wish from 11am to 1pm every Sunday, so go then. 5th Ave and 70th. 212-288-0700

Do you know of something else that should be on this list? Leave it in the comments and I'll check it out and add it.

And don't forget, you always have these other NYC free events available every day!

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