Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yankees Help Red Sox Family

That last story made me nauseous after writing about it, so I had to look up a more heart-warming story. And I found one.

And this is yet another reason why I LOVE THE YANKEES.

You can read the full story on the Wall Street Journal's page, and I highly recommend you do that, because it almost made me cry, but here's a summary:

Kevin Long, the hitting coach for the Yankees, is good friends with Ron Johnson, the 1st base coach for the Red Sox. Johnson was Long's manager in the 90's, and he also helped him get his first coaching job after his playing career ended. Last year, Johnson's daughter lost her leg in an accident, and the family couldn't keep up with the medical expenses, especially after her body rejected the reattached leg and it had to be removed permanently. Long, anxious to help his long-time Red Sox friend, gathered the Yankees together before spring training last year, and told them what had happened.

None of the Yankees knew Johnson. None had met his 11-year-old daughter, Bridgette. All they knew was that the family of a friend needed help, and it didn't matter if they were part of Red Sox Nation. One by one, many of the Yankees reached for their checkbooks and donated undisclosed amounts, but it was enough to bring Johnson's wife to tears when they opened the unexpected package from the Yankees.

Over this past year, the Yankees remembered Bridgette enough to ask Long how she's doing with her new prosthetic leg, and how her recovery is coming along.

So you may hate the Yankees. You may hate the Empire. You may hate the franchise. But the players are stand-up guys with good hearts. Rivalry or not, they're good people who know that baseball is just a game, and family and friends come first.

Props to the Yankees for being the shining examples we expect them to be.

Woman May Die for Saving a Parking Space

Stories like this make me sick to my stomach.

So this 25-year-old girl was saving a vacant spot for her boyfriend, when some guy (Oscar Fuller of Jamaica, Queens, if you want to find him and let him know how you feel about his actions) drives up and he wants the space. When she wouldn't move, he got out of his car and punched her in the face. This punch knocked her out, gave her permanent brain damage, put her in a coma, and may end up killing her. And now the schmuck's lawyer says he should get off with a misdemeanor assault. According to this random website, it's only a misdemeanor if he only intended to frighten her. Punching her in the face sounds like he wanted to injure her, which is aggravated assault. A felony.

And seriously, dude. Really? You got out of your car to punch a woman? In the face? Over a parking spot? There is no possible situation where ANY of that is ok. Ever. I just can't even wrap my head around that happening. This is New York. We're civilized here.

To me, getting out of your car would have been extreme. Yeah, yell at her from the driver's side window if you really want the spot, throw some expletives in there if you're crass and ignorant, but then drive off and find another spot. But you got out of your car? That's crazy. And I don't care what she may have said to you, you NEVER punch a woman.

This guy belongs in jail. Where he can be some other dude's woman. And they can take him to their favorite parking spot.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TSA Missed THREE Box Cutters at JFK?!!

If there's one reason I hate terrorists the most, it's because of the negative impact they've had on air travel (you know, besides the whole "killing of innocent people" thing). Remember the days when you could walk up to the jetway and hug your loved ones good-bye? The kids could sit by the window and wave to the plane as it took off? Not worrying if your toothpaste was more than 3 ounces? And you could keep your shoes on as you walked through the metal detector? Not to mention the fees we now have to pay, per leg of each trip, to support the TSA - the undertrained, latex glove-wearing collection of faux-security guards responsible for enforcing these ever tedious and ridiculous restrictions.

But I never complain (out-loud, at least) about the TSA, because I've flown well over a hundred times, both internationally and domestically, and I've yet to be on a hijacked plane. So all those restrictions must be deterring the would-be terrorists. So TSA became a necessary, albeit frustrating, part of air travel, and we accept their 3-1-1 guidelines (no matter how seemingly ludicrous) because we trust that they'll keep us safe.

But what happens if they fail? It's all over the news today that three TSA officers at JFK here in New York, including one supervisor (who let's hope, has received a little more training), failed to see THREE box cutters (you know, the weapon of choice for the 9/11 terrorists - the reason the TSA even exists today). I can't bring a water bottle on the plane, but this guy can bring three blades? I'm with the PAPD saying they were asleep on the job. Not literally, but completely zoned out.

And this isn't an isolated event. A friend of mine didn't realize a 9" hunting knife was in his bag on one of our trips. He got it through LAX and didn't realize it was in his bag until he was home and unpacking. I may or may not have had a Leatherman in my bag one time (I'm not indicting myself here). That's got a 3" blade on it.

And then there's the Honolulu debacle where 27 TSA agents are under investigation. Or the Buffalo drug trafficking fiasco. And do we really need to mention allegations of sexual assault?

Seriously TSA, get your act together. We know we can't fire you. You're necessary. Just do your job and do it well, or your incompetence will be the first thing terrorists plan on when plotting their next attack.
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