Monday, October 4, 2010

Naked Cowboy for President

Not even Clinton got Naked - If you've ever been to Times Square in the summer, you've seen the Naked Cowboy. His real name is Robert Burck, and on Wednesday, October 6, he's officially announcing his bid to enter the race for the 2012 election for President of The United States of America. I always wondered what he did when the weather got too cold to walk around in his underwear. Apparently, according to his website, he spends his spare time reading ("no less than 50 books a year") and writing (you can download several of his books for free). I guess after reading Decision Points by George W. Bush, Mr. Cowboy thought to himself, 'Well if he can do it, I can do it.' What party do you think he's affiliated with, anyway? I never pegged him as a Republican and I don't think he can beat out Obama as the Democratic Party's candidate. Maybe there's a Keg Party or a newly formed Bachelorette Party I don't know about.

His announcement is for "Members of the Press Only" and is supposedly closed to the public, but it's in the middle of Times Square on Wednesday at noon. So yeah, it's not really closed to the public.

ps: If you think this will amount to anything more than a publicity stunt, just remember that he also tried to run for NYC mayor but dropped out a few months into the race because there was "too much red tape." That's right, Cowboy, running for President is probably easier. Good luck.

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